09 Nov 2018

Wide Eye Outdoor launches an Irish digital out-of-home first: weather forecast updates. These striking, colourful creatives are location based, updated hourly with latest weather forecast, including predictions of wind speeds, temperature and rainfall. This is just the first iteration of content that is to be hosted across Wide Eye Outdoor’s Digital Out-of-Home Network.

“We wanted to create content that is reliable and of use to the public, while also optimising and showcasing our DOOH capabilities at Wide Eye Outdoor” said Eoin O’Connor, Commercial Director of Wide Eye Outdoor.

“A location-based, real-time weather update is the first step in achieving this.  We are committed to bringing new ideas to our networks.  The environments within which our screens are hosted lend themselves favourably to really develop our content offering and there will be more launched on Wide Eye Outdoor screens very soon.”

Wide Eye Outdoor consists of a network of over 170 Digital Screens. There are six networks across cinemas (Cine D), shopping centres (Retail D), Gyms (Gym D), Car Parks (Car Park D) and pubs (Social D and Window D). All networks are fully integrated which enables real-time information updates to be displayed.

Wide Eye Outdoor screens are in environments with significant dwell time, so the audience gets to see, absorb and interact with the messages for longer. The weather, which is such a big part of day-to-day Irish conversation, is the perfect content to capture the consumers' attention.

(Sarah Taylor, Eoin O' Conner and Nicky Boylan with Cine D screen, Omniplex foyer, Rathmines, Dublin)

Sarah Taylor, Digital Out-of-Home Director is excited to see the launch.

“We are excited to be launching Wide Eye Outdoors public service content. Hosting informative and relevant content allows us to develop trust and engagement with consumers across our networks beyond advertising messaging.”

Wide Eye Outdoor was launched in 2017 as a standalone DOOH company and since then has gained major momentum within the Irish DOOH market.

(Sarah Taylor, Eoin O'Conner and Nicky Boylan with Cine D screen, Omniplex foyer, Rathmines, Dublin)