03 Mar 2017

Woolworths partnered with Val Morgan to create an innovative cinema extension as part of their “Make it Famous” Christmas campaign.

Moviegoers at selected cinemas in Australia had the opportunity to see themselves featured on the big screen before their movie.

Unsuspecting moviegoers arriving at Hoyts Warringah Mall were asked, “what are you famous for at Christmas?”.

With a ‘rapid response’ production team on site, all participants had the opportunity to appear as part of the Woolworths campaign on screen just moments later.

This activation amplifies the Woolworths cinema campaign, allowing real people to share their personal perspective of Christmas. Cinema is renowned for its impact and engagement; it is also a planned and highly anticipated occasion creating a unique audience mindset that brands can leverage.

Clare Whiteman, Val Morgan strategy manager said, “Cinema is one of the last places where families have a shared experience. Woolworths have taken the opportunity to talk to their consumers when they are enjoying Christmas time together at the cinema.”

The activation was then amplified through online channels using the hashtag #MakeYourChristmasFamous.