16 Jun 2017

That’s according to research presented at Wide Eye Media’s recent Upfront in the IFI. Being happy makes the audience more receptive to advertising and aids recall of ads. The Happiness Study was conducted by UK Cinema sales house, Pearl & Dean, and Join the Dots, and was shortlisted for award by ESOMAR. The research encompassed learnings from Touchpoints, FAME and Join the Dot’s Happiness Model. This identifies that Cinema taps into the Focus and Relationship drivers of the model: In the cinema you aren’t just entertaining yourself, you are strengthening relationships and you are focusing on this shared experience.

The research went on to identify key happiness trend:

1. Meaningful Social Engagements: Large social networks have left us feeling less connected to others, as a result we are now seeing a movement towards fewer, better social relationships that require more attention.

2. Here & Now: In this ever faster, hyper-connected world, there is demand for slowing down, reconnecting with and celebrating everyday life, relaxing and living in the moment.

Sarah Clohessy, Marketing & Reasearch Manager at Wide Eye Media and Anna Cremin, Head of Research and Consumer Insight at Pearl and Dean.

Biometric research examining the audience’s physical reactions to ads on smartphones, PCs, TV and Cinema found that “Screen Size Matters”. Belgian Cinema advertising specialist, Brightfish, conducted the research which found that in cinema, brand message gets 28% more attention than on other screens and people are 68% less distracted watching a big screen. The audience is 30% more emotionally engaged in cinema and they experience 55% more positive emotions than when viewing ads on other screens. The research monitored eye tracking, heart rate variability and facial muscles.

Wide Eye Media presented the Life Cycle of the Irish Cinema Goer based on its Film Monitor research, conducted by Millward Brown. It explained that cinema is 7-14 year olds’ favourite activity, while 90% of 15-24 year olds are cinema goers. This age group delivers the most admissions at 4.5 million per annum while ¾ of them are light TV viewers. 25-34 year olds like variety in cinema, enjoying thrillers, action and comedy while 35-44 year olds also like going to cinema with their kids. The 45+ age group is a growing sector of the cinema audience and are more discerning viewers, enjoying movies with a strong story, award-nominated movies or those with an Irish interest.

Eoin Wrixon identified key movies to watch out for in H2 2017. Unmissable movies to appeal to all life stages include Dunkirk, Paddington 2, Blade Runner 2049, Star Wars, Captain Underpants, Atomic Blonde and Justice League.