09 May 2017


Wide Eye Media is proud to announce the launch of Wide Eye Outdoor, a new division providing a network of dynamic Digital Out-of-Home advertising & engagement solutions.

Wide Eye Outdoor consists of a network of over 170 Digital Screens. It has evolved from providing traditional Cine 6 (6 Sheets in cinema foyers), to four networks: cinemas (Cine D); shopping centres (Retail D); pubs (Social D and Window D).  All of the networks are fully integrated allowing for real-time transition of creative based on triggers such as weather, region, day part and audience breakdown.



The new division is headed up by Eoin O’Connor, Commercial Director with Wide Eye Media.  Eoin, who has over 14 years cinema advertising sales experience, is excited at the prospect of growing the Wide Eye Outdoor network.

“Our aim now is to enable advertisers to target the Right People at the Right Time in the Right Place through Digital Out-of-Home,” says O’Connor. “We are very excited at the prospect of working with our advertising partners and bringing new ideas to our digital network.”



“It is a natural progression for Wide Eye Media to enter the Digital Out-of-Home market,” according to Eoin Wrixon, CEO Wide Eye Media. “We have vast experience of delivering innovative, impactful and engaging campaigns for our clients.”

The team also includes Nicky Boylan, an OOH expert of over 15 years’ standing, and Deborah Tracey, who brings 3 years agency experience to the group.



Wide Eye Outdoor’s solutions are in environments with significant dwell time, so the audience gets to see, absorb and interact with the messages for longer. The network allows clients to be more innovative with their creative. National Lottery, MyTaxi and Bulmers are just some of the clients who have already taken advantage of the flexibility offered by Wide Eye Outdoor’s network to deliver timely messaging and niche targeting.

The company is now focused on optimizing the network to maximize impact, engagement and flexibility for its clients.

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