03 Dec 2019

The Effie Awards, which recognise international advertising effectiveness, have been launched in the Irish market for the first time. The launch took place at Twitter’s Dublin HQ on Thursday 28th November, with 200 people in attendance, including representatives from brands, agencies and media owners.

The introduction of #EffieIreland is extremely significant for our advertising industry as winners will go on to compete internationally. Together with Twitter, RTÉ, An Post and Pluto, Wide Eye Media is sponsoring.

Wide Eye Media is delighted to be involved with Ireland’s inaugural #Effies. Advertising effectiveness is incredibly important because it’s noisy out there. Brands are jostling for space in a market more crowded than ever before.  According to previous effectiveness studies, we know brand building is the largest driver of long-term growth and propelled by broad reach, emotions and associations.

We also know brands require audience attention which is a scarce resource these days. At the cinema, an audience becomes fully engaged and immersed in the content. By showcasing emotion, storytelling and creativity, cinemas are where great brand stories are told with impact, where the audience can #SeeItHearItFeelIt. Through #EffieAwards Ireland, we are pleased to support Irish marketers in cultivating the effectiveness and resonance of their advertising campaigns in Ireland and beyond.