12 Mar 2020

In Australia Professor Karen Nelson-Field undertook research which provided evidence that Not all Reach is Equal. As well as differentiating the quality of attention between viewing platforms and the impact of attention upon sales uplift, Professor Nelson-Field also explored the long-term impact and the rate of memory ‘decay’.

This concept refers to the speed at which an ad impression erodes with time from a person’s memory. Different platforms were studied to identify which offered advertisers the slowest rate of decay. A strong correlation between screen size and ad retention was detected.

Large screens with full coverage generated remarkably better recollection, and for much longer after exposure, than small screens. For example, an ad on a television screen took 9 times longer to decay to zero impact point than one on an online platform.

What this concept helps demonstrate yet again is how extraordinary cinema is as an advertising channel. Placing an ad on the biggest screen available is a highly effective way for a brand to not only make an impact, but uplift sales and create a lasting impression.

Darkened auditorium, big sound, and the mother of all screens where great stories are told. Cinema enables audiences to see, hear and feel your message with their full and active attention, as well as to recall it as if a lived experience.