26 Mar 2020

With the current pandemic in focus, Kantar’s recent global roundup shared learnings from China and other international markets.  At this point, a robust rebound is expected based on the Chinese experience with people ready to get back out and about as soon as it’s permissible.

82% of respondents said they’d resume going to restaurants etc as soon as pandemic ends. 80% said they’d resume travel immediately and 75% said they’d get back to OOH entertainment immediately.

Looking at previous disasters, return to normalcy was reasonably fast.  To respond, Kantar urges brands to focus on long term brand building as well as short term sales activation. Kantar’s Brand Z study shows that companies who invest in brand equity recover 9 times faster than those without strong brands.


Once Covid-19 has abated, it’s believed a ‘new normal’ will take hold in many instances. Consequently, organisations are urged to redefine their brand strategy to account for new voices and fresh concerns. Accordingly, Kantar encourage three measures to successfully build brand,

  • saliency or relevancy

  • having a clear piont of difference

  • being meaningful to the consumer/target audience

And, according to previous IPA effectiveness studies showing brand building to be largest driver of long-term growth, they propose it’s propelled by

  • broad reach

  • use of emotional storytelling

  • positive brand association

By showcasing emotion, storytelling and creativity, cinemas are where great brand stories are told with impact. When the lights go down and adreel starts at the cinema, an audience becomes fully engaged and immersed in the content.


Back in June 2019 Amazon was announced as the world’s most valuable brand, according to the 2019 BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking released by Kantar Millward Brown.

Amazon’s action this week of dropping subscription fees for Audible to coincide with the global pandemic will undoubtedly earn further brand love during this new decade. Such a practical community offering provides a gentle reminder that brand power is about so much more than money, and yet profitability is firmly related to having built a strong brand.

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